EY: Ranked No. 1 Life Sciences service provider by HFS Research

EY is ranked number 1 service provider in life sciences by HFS Research (HFS) in its “Top 10: Life Sciences service providers, 2021” report , an assessment of 14 life sciences providers by execution, innovation, OneOffice alignment and client feedback. The HFS report examines leading service providers’ role in the delivery of value to the global life sciences industry and reflects on how the industry and its ecosystem reacted to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The EY Life Sciences capabilities were cited across all HFS evaluation criteria and identified as leading in 8 of the 12 areas that HFS researched. Top reasons cited by clients surveyed for selecting providers include quality of service delivery (25%), ability to provide a broad range of services across the business value chain (21%) and industry knowledge (14%).

Pamela Spence, EY Global Health Sciences and Wellness Leader, says:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move toward care delivery outside the four walls of a traditional health system. Empowering life sciences companies, care teams and patients to better manage and prevent disease will require not just products, but new services that will rely heavily on data and technologies. Helping clients achieve digital transformation objectives is at the center of what EY teams do, so I am proud that the EY organization has been recognized by HFS report as the overall number 1 life sciences service provider.”

EY strengths noted in the report include:

• A go-to market model that sequences its competencies and capabilities to facilitate  the outcomes that the client agenda defines

• A strong global brand that attracts talent

• Relationship management combining a clear understanding of process design and data-centric models

• A long-term view on value creation driven by a purpose to make lasting positive impacts on stakeholders

• EY life sciences sector growth faster than both the broader EY businesses and the market CAGR for 2020

The assessment also identified areas where EY teams have delivered exceptional client experiences:

  • • Worked on clients’ launches of 12+ rare-disease assets improving at least 100 million patients’ lives through connected medical systems and supporting three of the most significant oncology launches of the last decade
  • • Client support in scaling the manufacturing of its COVID-19 vaccine to 1 billion doses in one year and helped it reduce the overall time required to produce the vaccine by nearly 70%

Dan Mathews, EY EMEIA Life Sciences Leader, says:

“I am thrilled that the EY purpose-driven strategy focused on assisting in a balanced value creation for clients, people and society has helped EY achieve a leading position for the voice of the customer by HFS.”

Rohan Kulkarni, HFS Practice Leader, Healthcare and Life Sciences Research, says:

“HFS Life Sciences Top 10 service providers for 2021 ranked EY as overall number 1 across the dimensions of execution, innovation, OneOffice alignment and voice of the customer. EY stood apart as a client-centric organization focused on practical outcomes while helping lead life sciences to the next level. The EY long-term view on value creation driven by a purpose aims to make lasting positive impacts on its stakeholders. Their buyer-based field-of-play framework has been a key driver to their growth that saw them exceed broader EY growth and market CAGR in 2020. Their industry-specific platform capabilities give them a distinct edge as they continue to enhance specific knowledge.”

To learn more about EY Life Sciences, visit ey.com/lifesciences.

Source: Website Newsroom