GLOBAL SUSTAIN CLUB: Roundtable on ”Supply Chain Management”


Global Sustain Club, recognizing the importance of the supply chain management, held a special Roundtable event titled “Supply Chain Management.” The event took place at the Global Sustain headquarters (11 Amphithea Avenue, Nea Smyrni) on June 25, 2024.

Participants included:

  • Katia Georgoulaki, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Kotsovolos.
  • Alexia Macheras, Corporate Communication & Sustainability Manager, AB Vassilopoulos.
  • Georgios Galanis, Sustainable Development Director, Metlen Energy & Metals.



The discussion was moderated by Mr. Michael Spanos, Managing Director of Global Sustain.



Mr. Spanos welcomed the guests by giving a brief introduction on the importance of supply chain management and the new regulatory directives that aim to achieve high economic performance while promoting environmental and social benefits. He concluded by mentioning that companies in various sectors have already started to implement the European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD).

Ms. Georgoulaki presented the experience of Kotsovolos, which works with over 3,500 suppliers in the retail sector. She highlighted the challenges and opportunities presented by a sustainable supply chain, and stressed the importance of technology, education and communication to develop effective communication channels with suppliers. Furthermore, he mentioned that Kotsovolos is actively investing in innovation and new advanced green technologies. Finally, she stressed that Kotsovolos carries out supplier evaluation through internationally recognised bodies.



Ms. Macheras from AB Vassilopoulos mentioned the importance of Due Diligence in the procedures of the procurement department, noting that AB Vassilopoulos cooperates with over 1,600 suppliers and applies strict quality controls. She stressed that supply chain management requires consumer awareness and that the implementation of sustainable practices by suppliers is critical to reduce the carbon footprint. She further pointed out the need for a single public body to inform businesses of the regulatory framework regarding raw materials on which the company is required to conduct due diligence to avoid negative economic and image impacts.



Taking the floor, Mr. Galanis mentioned that a Responsible Supply Chain plays a significant role in the competitiveness and success of any business. Its smooth operation ensures the inflow of raw materials as well as that the final products/services reach the market on time and with the right quality. This way, customer satisfaction and trust in the business are secured. At the same time, it substantially contributes to the flexibility and adaptability of businesses. Companies must be able to respond quickly to changes in demand, fluctuations in raw material prices, and market disruptions. A well-designed and managed supply chain allows businesses to adapt quickly and effectively to these challenges.


Moreover, it is a fundamental component of the sustainable value that a company can create through its activities. In a world where social and environmental sensitivities are gaining increasing importance, responsible management becomes a crucial factor for sustainable development. Metlen’s goal is not only to maximize profits but also to ensure that its practices are ethical, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible. Developing a responsible supply chain is not an easy task. It requires innovation, collaboration, and commitment. However, the benefits are manifold. In addition to protecting the planet and promoting social justice, businesses that invest in responsible practices gain consumer trust, improve their corporate reputation, and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

As we move into an era of continuous change and uncertainty, strengthening and modernizing supply chains are essential factors for the prosperity and sustainability of businesses.




Closing the event, Ms. Alexandra Vasilakopoulou , Business Unit Manager and Digital ESG Services & Products of Global Sustain Group, presented the company’s platform where each client can submit questions to its suppliers. The purpose of the questionnaire is the collection, analysis and evaluation of non-financial data (ESG assessment application) and concerns the ability to record, manage and evaluate data on environmental, social and Governance (ESG) issues. Each client can configure the questionnaire in their own way to best approach their suppliers.



The event was attended by employees and senior executives from various sectors, including banks, construction companies, industries, food processing, health & safety, retail, consulting, communication, media, as well as representatives from non-governmental organizations.


Global Sustain Club continues to support the integration of ESG principles into business practices, promoting good practices and sustainable development across all enterprises.


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