MANIFEST: Installs a Charging Station for Electric Cars at the Ravago building

At Manifest Services, we know that the automotive landscape has changed, with e-mobility becoming a reality for businesses and grows rapidly.

In this context, Manifest Services carried out the study and installation of a charging station for electric cars at the Ravago building in Maroussi.

The chargers used have a total power of 11 / 22KW. They are suitable for charging electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles. The complete installation includes an electrical panel, which contains all the safety devices for the protection of both the electrical wiring and the chargers. A special cable is provided for charging the vehicles.

The charging station is connected with a management software, which helps us control the charging power of each charger separately, depending on the priorities and needs, but also on the available power of the building where they are located.

E-mobility becomes more and more part of the daily operation of companies and Manifest Services is here to offer the right solutions.

Source: Press Release