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Papaspirou Catering

Member: Silver
Since: 28.09.2015

15, Agias Triados Str. & Neas Zichnis Str., Acharnai, 13678 Athens, Greece


Since 1940 the “Papaspirou” brand name is equivalent to a delightful world of taste.

Inspired by our family tradition and considering quality as our core value, we create unique handmade products by the finest and purest ingredients. Our aim is to keep the brand name “Papaspirou” synonymous with the finest bakery, pastry, confectionery, and preserve our heritage in high quality and taste in the chocolate and ice cream production.

At the same time we have established our services as pioneers in the creation of home-made Mediterranean food as well as in the field of Catering services. In our modern facilities, we continue evolving the traditional way of manufacturing products while keeping all of those delicious secrets that are passed from generation to generation, for 75 years now.