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Synergy S.A.

Member: Silver
Since: 14.10.2020

Schineza, Aspropyrgos, 19300 Athens, Greece

Social Profile

The contribution to society lies at the heart of the DNA of the Company. Through ongoing and systematic actions, we try to improve the living standards, particularly in the vicinity of our operations.

Thus, we hope contributing to reduce – as much as possible – the number of those in need of social solidarity.

Some of the actions which Synergy undertakes are:

  • Financial support of the “Medecins Sans Frontieres” for the provision of 2.250 vaccines.
  • Supply of foodstuff to the local society “Our Neighborhood” to support underprivileged families.
  • Ongoing support to the retirement ‘Home of Kithira island’.
  • Support to children with special abilities through financial assistance to the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Greece. 
  • Financial aid to the foundation for people with special abilities “Elpida” .
  • Collection and transportation of foodstuff to the “Social Convenience Store” of Aspropirgos.
  • Ongoing collection and delivery of plastic caps to the foundation “Love for Life” which in turn trades them for wheelchairs for people who need them.
  • Collection and donation of books for the Library of Kithira island.
  • C.S.R. grant of T-shirts for the Juvenile Entrepreneurship, to the 1st Senior High School of Pallini.
  • Inauguration of the “Evangelos P. Koroneos” award – an award for excellence, achievements and high academic performance, but also excellence in other fields such as sports, arts or social. Eligible are both Company employees as well as any other citizens which may be nominated based on their actions or distinctions.
  • Donation and participation at the “Race for the Cure”.
  • Provision of a professional physiotherapy bed for the Sports Club “AEK” of Aghios Stefanos.
  • Sponsorship of tires to the Aspropirgos’ Fire Department.
  • Implementation of the «Delivering Happiness” campaign which is primarily expressed through the decoration of company trucks with the winning paintings of a contest which was carried out in cooperation with the local elementary school and to which participated pupils aged between 6 and 12 years.