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Synergy S.A.

Member: Silver
Since: 14.10.2020

Schineza, Aspropyrgos, 19300 Athens, Greece

Environmental profile

In the context of its general contribution, Synergy has proceeded with several actions, aiming at the protection of the environment, whilst striving for the proper energy management in all its operations.

The actions are based on the overall philosophy towards the environment which Synergy has developed. 

Indicatively, some such actions are: 

  • Power saving through: 
  • The replacement of conventional light bulbs through LED technology light bulbs.
  • The use of skylights in the facilities in order to save power.
  • Saving of water through specific instructions to the Company staff, the use of meters and the use of a drainage basin for the irrigation of the facilities.
  • The increase of recycling in various production processes in the sense of which: 
  • Recycling bins have been placed in all facilities.
  • More than 200.000 kg of paper, plastic and wood are being recycled.
  • Liquid wastes are being responsibly recycled through certified processes and by specialized staff.
  • Printing of all documents is done double sided in order to save paper and ink, whilst Paperless operations have been promoted to a significant decree (over 50% of operations), both in the warehouses and in the offices.
  • Use, to a considerable degree, of biodegradable materials for the packaging of orders (approximately 35.000 kg of film and approximately 30.000 pieces of cartons in 2019).
  • The Company has supplied the entire staff, but also collaborating truckers / drivers, with isothermic, stainless steel cups and bags made of fabric for their daily needs. The aim is to “induce” them to the idea and to encourage them to reduce the plastic footprint.
  • A significant effort is undertaken so as to reduce the carbon footprint of the Company’s transportation activity. Thus:
  • A significant selection criterion for the cooperating truckers and transport companies is the quality of their trucks, whilst their respective category (EURO 4, 5 or 6) is being recorded and monitored and the overall improvement of the fleet and the reduction of the trucks’ age is being aimed at. The use of environmental friendly vehicles is crucial in order to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the entire national distribution chain.
  • Synergies are being implemented in the transports of the clients’ goods, with the aim to reduce the “empty” (without load) kilometers. This way, both a saving for the clients as well as for Synergy and, at the same time, the reduction of the carbon footprint are achieved.