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Since: 03.11.2008

8A, Chimarras Street, GR-151 25 Maroussi, Athens, Greece


CSR and the Group
The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is either a significant element or emerges as a built-in mechanism in the everyday operation of the Group, as well as in the policies and business strategy.

The Group, using scheduled surveys of public opinion, looks into the results from the application of CSR programmes, in order to address our resources and activities towards the sectors that are most essential for the society and its people.

Within this framework, and for investments concerning the optimization of the facilities, the infrastructure or projects concerning the improvement of the environmental profile, the peoples' opinion is taken in consideration. Moreover, by means of dialogue and other communication means, we consistently invest in the meaning and the applications of Sustainable Development, integrating the CSR principles in the business strategy and plan, not only because of ethical obligation but because they are closely coupled with the modern business practice.

This commitment is implemented through a large number of actions, which are addressed both to local communities, where the business activities are conducted, but also to the broader society both in Greece and abroad.

We plan and implement an extended Corporate Social Responsibility programme after setting the following targets:
  • Determine actions giving priority to local communities.
  • Preparation and implementation of long term Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes.
  • Encourage and empower human resources and improve workplace environment.
  • Voluntary commitment to initiatives, best practices, principles and codes which support the coupling between corporate strategy and sustainability; after planned looking into the issues that concern our stakeholders.
  • Based on the above, we pay special attention to sectors such as health, education, sports and culture and we support vulnerable groups, senior citizens, students and young people.
Our Group, since its establishment, has supported initiatives and actions that promote the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. Since 2005, HELLENIC PETROLEUM, HELLENIC FUELS & EKO have  been   active members of the Hellenic Network for CSR, a member of CSR Europe.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM actively contributed to the establishment of the Council for Sustainable Development. This Council operates within the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Group's CEO serves as vice president of the Council for Sustainable Development.

Our goal for the immediate future is to improve our operation, increase our Corporate Social Responsibility performance and contribute in sustainable development, improve relations with human resources, extend social solidarity and ensure relationships of trust with the local community and society in general.

For our People
The never-ending care for the health and the safety of our employees and the concern for their families consist a part of the recognition we owe to our people for our success.

We believe that the accomplishment of our strategic goals and the future of the Group depend on our people which are our driving force.

The "life learning programmes" are part of the same framework targeting to the continuous improvement of the employees' skills, knowledge and capabilities.