Members’ Services


Training Services refer to training sessions (videotaped, hybrid, live, on-demand, ad hoc and repeated at regular basis) to the employees and executives of Global Sustain’s Members. The specific trainings, whose main subject covers a variety of ESG subject areas, are conducted with limited number of participants.


Research Services refer to providing useful material to Global Sustain Members, such as industry research, benchmarking analysis, as well as access to primary and secondary ESG research data.


Digitization Services refer to the access to various digital ESG platforms of Sustain. Meanwhile, the access to the ESG Rating Tool – a digital tool that aims to collect, analyze and evaluate the performance of a Company with ESG criteria and the use of performance indicators (KPIs), is provided exclusively to specific clusters Membership.

Synergies & Cooperation

Synergy Services concern ventures and actions aimed at strengthening cooperation and promoting the collective spirit between Global Sustain Members and Social Partners.


Networking Services refer to the participation of Global Sustain’s Members in exclusive Events, Conferences, Roundtables on a monthly basis, with the attendance of C-Level executives and Government Representatives.

ESG Branding

ESG Branding Services refer to the provision of consultancy on the main pillars and concepts of ESG.


Support Services refer to the overall support of Global Sustain’s Members, through dedicated account management, with the aim of addressing their daily issues and at the same time monitoring more critical ones that are their main concerns and identifying solutions/best practices.


Communication Services refer to “opening” channels that promote each Member’s image, such members’ display to the official Global Sustain website and inclusion of the member in Global Sustain’s weekly Newsletter. These actions aim at communicating the members’ most important news, as well as placing them next to other prominent Members of the sector and Business community.