MYTILINEOS: 2021, a milestone year with new record-levels of turnover and profitability

During 2021, MYTILINEOS remained steady on a growth trajectory, responding well to the Covid-pandemic challenges, the energy crisis as well as the wider inflationary pressures that erupted. MYTILINEOS’s turnover amounted to €2,664 million compared to €1,899 million in 2020, posting an increase of 40%. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) stood at €359 million, compared to €315 million in 2020. Net Profit, after taxes and minority interest, rose to €162 million, increased by 26% compared to €129 million in 2020.

Power & Gas Business Unit recorded a turnover of €1,261 million, the Metallurgy Business Unit recorded a Turnover of €668 million, the Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit has recorded €365 million turnover and Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit’s turnover rose to €370 million.

Commenting on the Financial Results, Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Evangelos Mytilineos said:

“2021 for MYTILINEOS was both a milestone year with record-high profitability as well as a preparatory period for the transition to higher levels of financial performance and value creation for our shareholders in the following years. We have achieved new record-levels of turnover and profitability, while significant investments have either been completed or are near-completion.

In a year full of significant challenges, MYTILINEOS demonstrated its ability to adapt in difficult conditions, with good planning and hard work. In the new, much larger and much more challenging “piste” that we are entering in 2022, we will keep going in this direction, with renewed strength and ‘’vigor’’!”