MYTILINEOS: Proves once again their commitment to rebuilding Libya

MYTILINEOS is proceeding with the construction of the 740 MW diesel power plant in Tobruk, Libya, according to the initial timeline. The first of the four units is planned to be put into operation in the first half of 2022, when the Libyan energy system will be strengthened with 185MW, covering in time and effectively the particularly increased needs of the country during the summer period.

The timely deployment of the first unit in pandemic conditions is the strongest confirmation of MYTILINEOS ‘commitment to support Libya as well as the local community. It is noted that the country is facing daily power outages and the project assigned to MYTILINEOS by the Libyan Electricity Company is crucial for the smooth operation of thousands of households and businesses in the country.

The progress of works was inspected by the Greek chargé d’affaires to the country, Mr. Ioannis Stamatekos, during his official visit to the city, reaffirming the Greek commitment for immediate support in the effort to rebuild Libya, with the assistance of healthy Greek entrepreneurship. Mr. Stamatekos further praised MYTILINEOS ‘goal of reviving the Libyan economy with breath-taking projects that will drastically change the daily lives of its citizens.

Mr. Stamatekos discussed with local authorities the opportunities for new infrastructure projects in the country, while then the Greek diplomatic mission met with the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament Agilah Salah, highlighting issues related to the foreign policy of our country and the European Union.

Source: Press Release