MYTILINEOS: The fifth cycle of ‘’Engineers in Action” has begun

The 5th cycle of MYTILINEOS “Engineers in Action” program has started and the new Engineers are already assigned with their new roles within the 4 Business Units and the central functions, of MYTILINEOS to get familiar with the company in its entirety. By doing so, the engineers will gain a substantial professional experience which will be the starting point of a successful career path.

The program period is one year and contains practice in real professional conditions and participation in teams that will be asked to handle challenging and complex projects.

Launched in 2014, the program has already four successful cycles in its record, and it will from now on take place two times per year offering to even more young engineers the possibility of participating. 

Through the fifth cycle of “Engineers in Action” MYTILINEOS underlines its commitment to create a a high level professional skills development program for engineers providing to the Greek industry and entrepreneurship talented and capable members. MYTILINEOS contributes actively to the healthy development of the Greek employment market and to the battle against/ to tackle brain drain, limiting at the same time the skills gap that exists between academic experience and actual practice.

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