OTE: 20 years of COSMOTE Scholarships: 30 new students joined COSMOTE’s family of 750 scholars

30 first-year students at Greek universities were awarded the COSMOTE scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. These students are now members of the large family of COSMOTE scholars, which counts more than 750 people. The Scholarship Programme, which is in its twentieth year, provides financial support[1] during the university studies to students facing economic and social difficulties, so that they can complete them. This is COSMOTE’s longest-running social contribution programme, with a total value of over €7 million.

Under unprecedented circumstances, once again, our new scholars are an excellent example of positive mind set. With agility, they overcome difficulties and face obstacles as an opportunity for growth. They manage to achieve their goals with values, faith, and passion. Our responsibility is to stand by them, investing in the future of the young generation, that is one and the same with the future of the country. We are proud that, for 20 years, we have supported young people in studying and making their dreams come true, contributing to a better world for all,” said the Chairman and CEO of the OTE Group, Michael Tsamaz, during this year’s scholarship award ceremony.

Note that approximately 40% of COSMOTE’s scholars have continued with postgraduate studies at Greek and international universities, while 11% pursued a PhD. Many of the senior scholars are today distinguished professionals with important positions of responsibility or have created their own companies.

The new scholars share their vision and goals for a better future

During the digital award ceremony for the 2021-2022 COSMOTE scholarships, the new scholars attended an experiential workshop for personal empowerment, sharing their thoughts and dreams for the future: Stylianos Apostolou, who studies Engineering and Aeronautics at the University of Patras, aims, after graduating, to pursue postgraduate studies at MIT. He cannot imagine his life without technology, which he considers an integral part of his daily life on a personal and professional level.

After completing her studies at the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the National Technical University of Athens, Irene Simitzi wishes to pursue postgraduate studies in the field of technology and to become a successful professional. She went through a lot of hardships last year, but she is also proud to have succeeded.

The total value of this year’s COSMOTE scholarships exceeded €500,000. More specifically, this year’s COSMOTE Scholarship Programme included 12 scholarships for students of five-year studies  amounting to €18,750 each, 13 scholarships for students of four-year studies amounting to €15,000 each, and the honorary ‘Zacharias Piperidis’ scholarship of €25,000 for a student of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in memory of the distinguished OTE Group executive.

To ensure that the new scholars benefit from the latest communication technologies and meet their daily needs, COSMOTE provides them with a laptop and a complete package of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services, Internet and COSMOTE TV, as well as a BOX coupon. 
To mark the 20th anniversary of the COSMOTE Scholarship Programme, twenty scholars who are still receiving annual financial support and who are already in their second year of studies will have the opportunity to get internship in the modern and dynamic work environment of the OTE Group.

COSMOTE’s vision is to create a better world for all through technology. With a specific sustainable development strategy and actions, COSMOTE undertakes initiatives that contribute to strengthening its social and environmental footprint, as well as the equal access of citizens to the digital world.

Source: Press Release