OTE: COSMOTE Home Connect: New exclusive service, for better Internet at home

COSMOTE presents its new exclusive COSMOTE Home Connect service, with which every home can achieve its connectivity potential to the maximum and enjoy the best Internet speeds possible. COSMOTE’s exclusive service, through a specialised team of technicians, covers a package of technological works and provides integrated support, adapted to the particular needs of each home, in order to help subscribers improve the infrastructure inside their building.

The different needs of each building, such as its layout and the quality of its wiring, as well as the configuration of the devices used to connect to the Internet, often affect home Internet performance. Therefore, a good connection speed is not always enough. We need to identify and improve the factors that affect the quality of the Internet in the building. For this reason, COSMOTE Home Connect allows subscribers to improve their home infrastructure, so that they can enjoy the best Internet their building can offer.

The pandemic changed the standards in home Internet use, as every household now has increased needs and demands, either due to remote work and distance learning, or due to the simultaneous connection of many devices. For us, it is important to immediately recognise, prevent, and manage anything that can affect the seamless operation of the Internet, taking another step beyond support. With the COSMOTE Home Connect service, we provide solutions for issues that our subscribers might face at home, so they can enjoy the best possible Internet experience throughout their home. With technology as our ally, we are creating a better world for all,” stated Mr Athanasios Stratos, Chief Customer Operations Officer of OTE Group.

COSMOTE Home Connect’s specialised tech team provides immediate, in-person support, depending on each home’s needs. A one-year warranty is also provided for the work carried out as part of the service. COSMOTE Home Connect technology works include:

– Infrastructure works for installation/repair of the Ethernet (LAN) internal network and to the building’s internal/external wiring up to the router, as well as construction of Internet and data network wiring
– Supply/installation/configuration and restoration of network equipment (IAD, router, powerplugs, repeaters, etc.) so that every part of the home has internet access
– Supply/installation and setup of home wireless devices

All COSMOTE subscribers can use the new service via the COSMOTE website. The minimum charge for COSMOTE Home Connect is €25 (including VAT) and concerns the first visit to assess the problem.

More information on the new COSMOTE Home Connect service available: here

Source: Press Release