OTE: Deutsche Telekom Group CEO, Tim Höttges, visits FTTH construction works in Greece

Deutsche Telekom Group CEO, Tim Höttges, visited FTTH construction works in the Athens region, following the announcement of OTE Group’s strategic plan that will make optical fiber available to 3 mn. households and businesses in Greece. The plan that will form the country’s digital future was announced last December to the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and Minister of State and Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, over a meeting that took place in Athens, at the Maximos Mansion.

Tim Höttges had the chance to discuss with OTE Group’s people that carry out the FTTH rollout in the region of Metamorphosi, and oversaw the whole procedure, from the construction of the minitrenches and the installation of fibre cables to the termination from the optical cabinets to the customer sites.

FTTH rollout has been accelerated. I would like to congratulate our people in Greece that immediately put our commitment for the country’s digital upgrade into action”, said the head of the Deutsche Telekom Group. Höttges added: “In the era of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Metaverse, optical fiber networks are a force of progress. Every region that gets access to FTTH, is upgraded. That is why our investment is so important”.

OTE Group’s sharp increase of total investments, set to exceed €3 bn. by 2027, is a game-changer, bringing FTTH to 3 mn. households and businesses. The OTE Group will cover almost 2/3 of Greece’s lines with Fiber to the Home, living up to the needs of today and tomorrow and creating new prospects for digital growth. Today, OTE Group’s FTTH lines amount to almost 560,000.

«Greece is very significant to the Deutsche Telekom Group. We believe in its growth prospects and we invest in its future. We utilize our know-how and the special gravitas of a Group of global range, to support the vision for the country’s digital transformation. Our presence here, today, is a confirmation of our commitment”, stated Mr. Höttges.

On the FTTH field visit, Tim Höttges was accompanied by Dominique Leroy, Deutsche Telekom Board member Europe, and OTE Group CEO, Michael Tsamaz.

The FTTH rollout in Greece by the ΟΤΕ Group is in the heart of our customer-centric philosophy. It is a precondition for the digital transformation of the country, society and businesses, having an indisputable positive impact on the economy, society and the environment. FTTH will contribute to the country’s digital growth and enhance its competitiveness within Europe”, stated Mrs Dominique Leroy.

The Chairman & CEO of OTE Group, Michael Tsamaz, said: “Consistent to our commitment, we accelerate the FTTH rollout, creating the infrastructure that will cover the country’s digital needs for the next decades. It is a difficult project of great significance to the country, as well as a big challenge for the OTE Group. It is my firm belief that we will succeed”.

Source: Press Release