OTE GROUP: Contributes to “Advanced intelligence” on 5G and 6G networks

European research project on the use of Machine Learning in the next-generation mobile telecommunications networks

The OTE Group is participating in the MARSAL[1] European research project, whose goal is the utilization of Machine Learning for smart, automated management and orchestration of 5G and 6G network resources.

Through the use of Machine Learning, networks become intelligent, learn and think by themselves to find the optimal solutions for effective traffic routing and distribution. All network’s available resources (bandwidth, transmission rate, etc.) are properly utilized, distributing – intelligently, autonomously and in real time – the available bandwidth to ensure the quality of the offered services. This guarantees the seamless operation of demanding applications (e.g. smart-cities, augmented-reality, telemedicine) that require high capacity and zero latency.

In the context of the project, the OTE Group is developing the pilot platforms at its facilities and conducting trials for selected use cases. The Group is also involved in the definition of the technical specifications, the end-user requirements, the system architecture and the overall assessment of the system. Moreover, it contributes to the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results. The project is co-funded by the E.U. through the Horizon 2020 framework, with the participation of 14 organizations from 9 European countries (Greece, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Cyprus, France, Italy and Poland) and has a total duration of 36 months.


OTE Group is a pioneer in technological development and by far the largest investor in telecommunications infrastructure in Greece. Only in 2021, the Group participated in 37 funded innovative research projects, whereas it has been participating, since 2009, in more than 90 research projects. At the same time, OTE Group’s New Technologies Laboratories are evaluating new technologies and the equipment of future telecommunications. Through technology and innovation, OTE Group seeks to create a better world for all.

[1] MARSAL – Machine Learning-Based, Networking and Computing Infrastructure Resource Management of 5G and Beyond Intelligent Networks: https://www.marsalproject.eu/ 

Source: Press Release/Newsroom