Göss Brewery celebrates becoming carbon-neutral

Production of the most popular beers in Austria brewed at the Göss Brewery are now fully carbon-neutral. Since 2003 Göss Brewery started to continuously implement renewable energy in its processes. Energy supply is now 100% based on renewable energy and CO2 emissions from fossil fuels will be zero.

This goal has been achieved thanks to electricity from hydropower, biomass district heating, solar thermal energy and renewable energy from the newly built beer grain fermentation plant by BDI – BioEnergy International.

Brau Union Österreich CEO Markus Liebl said, “We are immensely proud that beer production at Göss will in the future be fully CO2-neutral thanks to the beer grain fermentation plant. This makes it the first carbon-neutral large-scale brewery in the world.”

Facts about the world’s first major green brewery
  • Close to 40% of the brewery’s heat requirement is met from waste heat discharged from the neighbouring Mayr-Melnhof sawmill
  •  90% of the waste heat generated in the brewing process is used to heat water.
  • A new type of boiling system is used during the brewing process, which helps to save electricity and water. 
  • A solar plant of 1500m² helps to generate environmentally-friendly energy. 
  • Thanks to the beer grain fermentation plant, no more fossil gas will be needed in the future. 
  • Energy generated from brewery residues will be used to generate steam and any excess volumes will be converted into electric current. 
  • Residues from fermentation, a by-product of the new fermentation plant, will be used as a high-quality fertiliser.
  • 100% of raw materials used at the Göss Brewery come from Austria.