HEINEKEN USA’s 2015 Sustainability Report

HEINEKEN USA is turning the traditional sustainability report on its head by inviting you to immerse yourself in a first-of-its-kind online digital experience. Join their efforts to Brew a Better World through a series of interactive sustainability challenges that will test your ability to do good, while learning about HEINEKEN USA’s progress, milestones, and achievements throughout 2015.

“Sustainability is a top business priority for HEINEKEN globally and here in the USA, so we are thrilled to launch this industry-first digital experience that shares our 2015 sustainability highlights in a unique way,” said Tara Rush, HEINEKEN USA’s Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Relations Officer. “At HEINEKEN USA, we are known for our portfolio of premium, high quality beer and cider, as well as creating legendary experiences. Our consumers and industry stakeholders also look to us to deliver new and exciting initiatives in the sustainability and responsibility space.”

What: Through HEINEKEN USA’s Brewing a Better World Digital Experience, users are faced with the challenge of balancing their will to compete with taking care of the world. Steer a ship through the high seas efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions, or rally friends to recycle empty bottles in a bar. 

Highlights from this past year include:

  • Becoming the first brewer to join The Recycling Partnership
  • Reducing carbon emissions per hl traded by 8.7% since 2010
  • Promoting safe rides home by offering 100,000+ rides throughout the year
  • Donating over $500,000 towards causes close to HUSA employees and business

Where: HEINEKEN USA website
Why: As users conquer every level of the challenge, HEINEKEN USA will track the engagements. If 1,000 users engage with the report, HEINEKEN USA will donate up to $50,000 to the Closed Loop Foundation, an organization that researches and provides funding for cities, innovators and businesses that are working on projects to improve the economic and environmental impact of the circular economy. With this grant, HEINEKEN USA is supporting the Closed Loop Foundation initiative to study and improve glass recycling across North America.

Through this new experience, HEINEKEN USA will take you on a journey that no corporation has ever set off on: to engage you virtually, join the challenge to Brew a Better World, and reward you – and the world around you – through a direct donation to The Closed Loop Foundation.

Every time you complete the experience, you play your own part in helping HUSA improve recycling and the overall health of the environment.

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