The Power of Diversity, by Enel Green Group

The Enel Group’s Peruvian companies support #Niunamenos, a South American movement against femicide, with a campaign to end violence against women and discrimination in the workplace.
Women’s roles in the workplace and the value of diversity are key assets for any company. At Enel, equal rights, opportunities and personal dignity are one with the business model and the challenges posed by the new scenarios of the energy sector. The company has therefore long been supporting a number of initiatives to promote diversity, not only in terms of gender, but of age, culture and abilities.
In South America Edelnor, Edegel, EEPSA and Enel Green Power, the Group’s Peruvian companies, took to the streets alongside women to support #Niunamenos, a movement born in Argentina and active in many Latin American countries in the fight against femicide. Among the initiatives to support #Niunamenos is a video made by Enel Peru’s employees, aiming to make us reflect on our behaviour toward women and to fight discrimination in the workplace.
Edegel and Edelnor were rewarded in 2015 by the Peruvian Ministry for Equal Opportunities (Ministerio de la Mujer y Poblaciones Vulnerables), for having adopted policies that aim to raise awareness and protect diversity. According to Enel Peru’s Country Manager Carlos Temboury, rather than a mere merit, the ministry’s recognition, ‘represents a concrete commitment to continue promoting gender equality in our organisation, as well as limiting violence against women. Our cultural identity is based on integration and it recognises and values individual differences. There is a way out of gender violence and it is in the hands of all of us’.
Since 2004, our Group has been part of the UN Global Compact, an organisation formed by the world’s top fifty companies that apply ethical principles regarding the protection of human rights, workers, the environment and the fight against corruption. Enel Chairman Patrizia Grieco has in fact often highlighted that a multinational company such as Enel should contribute, ‘to promoting respect for the dignity of people, the protection of diversity and the rejection of any form of violence. Eradicating behaviours linked to violence against women requires a profound change and a constant oversight to guard against abuse.’
We have adhered to the seven principles of the United Nations’ Women’s Empowerment Principles, which focus on supporting women in the business world, as well as the initiative Orange Days by launching Enel Orange Days, which include monthly meetings on diversity issues and communication campaigns in all of the countries in which we operate.