Beiersdorf Global: NIVEA France Supports creative daycare centers for children

The whole of France went back to school at the beginning of September – and for some primary-school pupils and their families in Nantes and Marseille the new school year has brought major relief, as in both cities the Môm’Artre initiative has inaugurated new child daycare centers – supported by NIVEA France. These centers provide professional care for children after school and during vacations. NIVEA France has partnered with Môm’Artre for over a year now and already supported the opening of a child daycare center in Paris in 2015.

The Môm’Artre initiative operates various centers in Paris and other French cities, giving kids aged between six and ten a helping hand after school with their homework and offering them a wide range of artistic activities. The childcare fee that parents pay depends on their income.

A lack of childcare options hinders the development of children from low-income families
The initiative was born out of the difficult situation faced by many families in major French cities due to the scarcity of affordable childcare offers that can supervise and help develop children between the end of the school day and the end of their parents’ working day. A lack of adequate childcare is known to impact children’s academic performance. At the same time, single mothers in particular have significantly worse employment opportunities if they cannot secure suitable daycare for their children.“We are proud to have been able to support the initiative in opening three new daycare centers already”, says Anne Zavan, responsible for CSR and Corporate Communications at NIVEA France. “I am delighted at our employees’ commitment, for instance at the joint events with Môm’Artre. They get involved, show tremendous interest and truly bring our partnership to life!”  

Last year Môm’Artre already opened a daycare center with support from NIVEA France in Tolbiac, Paris District 13

Long-term collaboration aims for a new Môm’Artre daycare center every year
Within the global ‘NIVEA cares for family’ initiative, NIVEA France has decided on a long-term collaboration with the Môm’Artre initiative and has pledged its support for the opening of a new child daycare center every year. Besides this, a closer link between the social engagement and the ‘NIVEA Tales’ digital campaign is also planned.

The Môm’Artre child daycare centers provide support and supervision for primary school pupils – also for low-income families.

The initiative
NIVEA cares for family
With the global initiative “NIVEA cares for family” NIVEA supports families all over the world with long-term, locally relevant projects.