1.035 New Recruitments For Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos during H1 2016

Consolidated turnover boosted by 13,5%
Further gains in terms of market shares 
Comp arable stores sales increased by 9%
Expansion of the sales network with 14 additions of new stores 

The first half of 2016 was completed for Group AB VASILOPOULOS with remarkable enhancement of the activity and 1,035 new recruitments. 

Specifically, consolidated turnover shaped at €1,051 million over €926 million during the corresponding period of the previous year, recording a 13.5% increase. Booming activity from January to June 2016 lead to the addition of 1,035 new jobs, confirming that AB constitutes today one of the most important local employers and demonstrating practically the company’s contribution to the battle against unemployment. The enhanced financial results illustrate that the Group continues to gain market share, since according to the latest published data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (period January – April 2016), the turnover of the food retail sector has been declining, in stark contrast with AB’s recorded performance. The increase of sales is attributed to both organic growth as well as to acquisitions and new franchise stores, since within the first six months of 2016, the Group completed 7 refurbishments and expanded its retail network with 14 new points of sales, of which 4 stores were the product of organic growth, 6 stores were added to the network via acquisitions and 4 stores were established under the franchise method. In total, the Group today operates 358 stores. The sales of the comparable stores realized a remarkable 9% increase. 

This is a cause for optimism which further underlines on one hand the power of the financial results and on the other hand the solid base upon which the growth of the Group is being conducted along with its positive future perspectives. Commenting on H1 2016 financial results, Leonidas Vrettakos, AB’s COO noted that “…our results underline our commitment to intensify our efforts for the invigoration of the Greek economy. The fact that this effort complements our strong financial performance with the creation of new jobs in numerous areas of the country, gives us an even higher motive to continue”.