Announcing BIMCO’s President as the keynote speaker at the Ship IT Conference

It is our honour for the organisers to announce that Mr. Anastasios Papagiannopoulos, the newly elected President of BIMCO – the world’s largest international shipping association – has accepted to be the opening keynote speaker at ShipIT Conference on September 27 in Athens! 
Mr. Papagiannopoulos has set three clear themes for his two-year presidential term. The first is to promote digitalisation across the industry, which is the main subject matter for the Conference as well. BIMCO will be working on a range of projects using convergent technologies to pursue this objective, including applying new advances in software capability to develop a brand new contract editing tool. 

Mr. Papagiannopolous has said: “BIMCO is focused on driving efficiency, creating better information and increasing simplification, but all of our work to increase digitalisation across the industry comes with a risk, and in everything – our work on cyber safety and security will remain a top priority, ensuring that our members’ ships are safe, that their seafarers are aware of the dangers and our members’ important information is secure”. 

Promoting digitalisation will be key to achieving the president’s second theme, which is to reduce the administrative burden for the ship’s master. An administrative burden that BIMCO will be working to lift further through the removal of unnecessary regulations which no longer serve a purpose for the safe operation of ships. 

The 3rd ShipIT Conference is focusing on three key sessions: Digital Transformation Journey, Performance & Efficiencies as well as Risk Management & Cyber-Security. 

Having confirmed 10 speakers and panelists so far, the Conference brings together a broad spectrum of business and IT executives, with the objective to: 
Leverage digital and disruptive technologies to answer to the new needs of the shipping industry 
Connect key leaders from maritime, technology development and innovation
Present and assess the importance of ICT in creating best practices, innovative approaches, unique business models and tools to harness business opportunities
Evaluate the challenges, questions and advances ICT technology addresses to the shipping industry
Stay ahead of the innovation curve, with the digitalisation of the maritime sector 
Address business issues rather than technical ones, as it is bringing shipping business leaders together with CIOs to explore the digital maritime business case
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet, learn and pinpoint the elements that will transform shipping. 

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