AB Vassilopoulos: 500,000 Euros in food items offered to those affected by the floods in Mandra

500,000 Euros in food items is offered by AB Vassilopoulos in aid of families affected by the recent floods in the region of Mandra, Attica, by the end of the year. 

AB Vassilopoulos, with sensitivity and responsibility, in cooperation with the Competent Authorities, undertakes an initiative to actively support the people affected by the severe weather phenomena. 

At the same time, AB Vassilopoulos proceeds directly to the implementation of an integrated support program regarding all employees of its facilities in Mandra and especially the ones living in the area which has been strongly affected. 

AB Vassilopoulos has been actively operating for more than 22 years in Mandra, Attica, with a distribution center with three of the largest warehouses in its nationwide network and employs more than 400 inhabitants of the area.