AB Vassilopoulos recieves the Greenpass

AB Vassilopoulos, with responsibility towards the future generations, shows its active stance towards the protection for the environment, by acquiring the Greenpass certification provided by the Public Power Corporation (PPC). The Greenpass assures that an equal amount of renewable energy is generated in PPC`s Hydroelectric Stations and is committed specifically to AB Vassilopoulos in parallels with the company’s electricity consumption in its nationwide store network, warehouses and headquarters. In this way, the company actively contributes to saving the environment, for a better future!

Specifically, recieving the Greenpass, the new PPC certificate of origin, ensures that AB Vassilopoulos, takes all the appropriate mesures for sustainable growth.

It should be noted that the gurantees of origin from renewable sources of energy, benefit the environment as well as the society.

In a world of continuous change, AB Vassilopoulos, hereby confirms its commitement for sustainable growth, endorsing new ways, methods and politics which contribute to the protection of the environment as well as in sustainability. Once more, AB Vassilopoulos does a good deed for the environment, gazing a “greener”planet.