Protecting the Envrironment with AB Vassilopoulos

AB Vassilopoulos once again clearly demonstated its sensitivity towards the environment by successfully organizing and implementing the event #allazoumesinithies (we change habits) which took place on Tuesday, March 20th 2018 at Technopolis, City of Athens in the area of Gkazi. The “green” event was attended by the company’s key personnel and associates, as well as by representatives of the press, who had the opportunity to take a guided tour in the Environmental Education and Recycling Center, the new educational initiative of AB Vassilopoulos, and participate in interactive activities which all bared a completely environmental design.

Having as a major goal to equally raise awareness and encourage everyone to pursue a greener future, the company has brought to the fore the need to change small everyday habits that have a positive impact on the environment. The motivators of doing so were Mary Synatsaki and George Mavridis, who are also the protagonists of AB Vasilopoulos’ new campaign, regarding the reusable bag. Under the motto #allazoumesinithies, AB Vassilopoulos’ new campaign, attempts to sensitize consumers to reduce the use of plastic bags by replacing them with environmentally friendly multipurpose and reusable handbags.

AB Vassilopoulos, through entertaining activations and strategically targeted happenings, had as a main priority to mobilize each attendee as to identify personal habits that can be changed, contributing in that way to a greener environment for everyone. In an area entirely dominated by shades of green, four main activations were implemented in a symbolic character, while the music of the Key Royale band gave the event an even more entertaining character. 

The first activation was AB Vassilopoulos Center for Environmental Education & Recycling, a double decker bus that provided educating material regarding recycling matters. Representatives of TEXAN, the company that provided all the necessary help to set the bus, offered tours around the bus, providing information about AB’s initiative. On the same wavelength, it was announced that the “Environmental Education & Recycling Center” will travel around Greece for the next two years, aiming at educating students in every corner of the country about recycling, by providing creative and rich information content. 

The main event hall was dominated by a large plastic bag that urged the invitees to write what personal habits they would change, helping in its own way to adopt a green lifestyle. As soon as the bag was filled with “bad habits”, Mary Synatsaki and George Mavridis cut it open and revealed the reusable bag. 

Later on, each attendee wrote down an environmental promise that were planning on adopting in their everyday lives within next year. All the promises were carefully placed in AB Vassilopoulos’ time capsule so they could be kept in time and become a commitment for each attendee in contributing to a “greener” future. 

The holistic “green” experience was completed at the ECOcktail Bar, a themed bar entirely filled with natural ingriedients. The guests were offered environment oriented imagivative cocktails with organic fruits, while all the utensils were of glass and paper. A green area with grass and comfortable pouffes was created next to the ECOcktail Bar, which further helped as to offer moments of relaxation and calmness to the guests. 

AB Vassilopoulos, throughout its 79 years of operation, practically demonstrates its commitment towards the environment, by implementing pioneering environmental sustainability policies. Today, among many other activities, the company operates 70 recycling centers all over Greece, rewarding and encouraging visitors of its stores to make recycling their everyday habit. Focusing on a better future for the next generations, we now #allazoumesinithies (change habits) with AB Vassilopoulos by doing the right thing for the environment and adopt a “greener” way of life.