impressme – your brand grand: Unwrapping the magic of Christmas

Packaging elves, wishes & presents! 

Ηο Ηο Ηo sHopping

Christmas is the most consuming period of the year. In our minds, the first images of the Christmas time are one of the shops packed of people and one of the happy people walking down the streets, holding a lot of shopping bags in their hands, obviously satisfied by their choices. 

The owners decorate their shops in the Christmas spirit, one or two months before Christmas, for commercial reasons. It’s like this kind of decoration encourages for shopping, like an invisible voice gives rise to “It’s Christmas time… let’s go shopping!”

If we add the Christmas music to this vibe, then it seems natural that we walk around the streets with a carefree step, suddenly believing, as if we were kids, in elves, reindeers, and Santa-Claus, like something in the air flowing and invisible, can make our wishes come true!

Unwrapping the magic of Christmas

In this “magic like” vibe, the packaging of a gift is the… half gift. The procedure of the unwrapping of each gift remains an important part of the tradition and celebration! The receiver of the gift will first notice the packaging. The more beautiful the packaging, the more eager will be to unwrap it.  It’s like the packaging shows the value of the gift and with how much love and care it was chosen!

Every retail business is seriously judged by its customer service that includes packaging. If you are the owner of the shop, you have to decide, a long time before Christmas, for the material, the design, the stickers, or the wishing cards of the packaging. 

Especially at this time of the year, maybe you should think to hire professional employees regarding packaging, to make their “own magic tricks”.

It seems extremely impressive and mysterious how much even the adult people enjoy watching the procedure of the packaging of the gift they chose to buy and to offer. At that moment, they are watching you adding every layer of packaging as if they were watching a show with magic tricks. 

Something simple, such as a gift, acquires a golden Christmas dust, with every turn of the ribbon.

Try to ask your customers to participate in the procedure of the packaging using a blackboard package where they can write their own message with a chalk, and you will earn not only their money but also their heart!

Don’t forget that the shopping bag is also a part of the packaging. Even if you want to keep your own shopping bag you should add on something to show the Christmas spirit. We feel certain that you want to do something more than that.

If some festive messages & wishes are printed on the bag, then this detail may turn your bag to a collective one for the customer.

The journey of the gift

Many gifts at this time are also sent by email. Therefore, it is important that the overall packaging is not only beautiful but also absolutely safe for the product. There is a no worse experience for a gift recipient than opening the package and finding his gift broken and dirty, especially if the gift is fragile or belongs to the food/drink category.

To order packing bubbles, self-adhesive tapes, special envelopes, and cartons, you should start a long time ago. Generally, the sooner the better! As it is understandable, the demand for all these materials is especially high, at this time of the year.

Christmas, friendly to the environment

Amazon was recently accused of “killing” Christmas because the company sent to a girl the keyboard that her parents had bought for her, without any packaging. The company, after a rather massive assault on its so called anti-Christmas feelings, was forced into a defense and replied that it has followed this practice for reasons of environmental protection and protection.

If, however, you also have environmental concerns, there are alternative ecological options that will make your customers … and the environment, happy!

Merry Christmas Profit

For every retail business, Christmas creates magic for the profits. Win your customers with the quality of your products, but also with your packaging proposal. Because, whatever we may say, we often judge a book by its cover! Especially at Christmas time!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!