2019 marks 80 years of AB Vassilopoulos

2019 marks 80 years of AB Vassilopoulos` historic journey and dynamic presence in the Greek food market. The company celebrates 80 years dedicated to all those that have led the brand to the top: its customers who choose and trust the Alfa Beta stores for their every day shopping, its suppliers who offer their best products, the Greek society as a whole in which the company operates setting the basis for a better future for everyone and, of course, the Alfa Beta family, counting nowadays more than 14,000 members while still growing.

From Gerasimos Vassilopoulos` first grocery store at Voulis Street to the 460 stores in every corner of Greece, AB Vassilopoulos is following a path of continuous growth 8 decades now, implementing its vision and innovative strategic choices.

80 years now, AB Vassilopoulos is dedicated to caring for People.  The 14,092 members of the Alfa Beta family give their best every day – with courage, teamwork, integrity, humor and care – to offer a high level of service with Value, Inspiration and Innovation to all those who trust the brand and to all those in need it, implementing innovative nourishing programs in every Greek neighborhood.

Led by the joy to offer the best, through a wide variety of unrivalled quality and unique services, AB Vassilopoulos has gained a place on every Greek table.

With sense of responsibility towards future generations, AB Vassilopoulos pioneers and undertakes actions that actively contribute to the protection of the environment. From the prudent energy management at its premises to the full 16-year recycling program, AB Vassilopoulos mobilizes people, suppliers and customers to change – small or big – everyday habits, contributing to a better world, to a “greener” tomorrow.

Building on a strong legacy and long tradition, the passion of its founder Gerasimos Vassilopoulos and its people, AB Vassilopoulos celebrates its 80 years` birthday throughout 2019, starting with a new campaign entitled “80 years Dedicated to you”. The campaign highlights every asset that distinguishes the company – its great variety, its unique services, the quality and freshness of its products, its own distinctive brands, the rewarding of its customers through the AB Plus loyalty scheme and innovation that ensures an exceptional shopping experience.

AB Vassilopoulos’ new campaign is only the beginning of a year dedicated to surprises for everyone, renewing the company’s promise to its customers while rewarding them with in-store communication and promotional mechanisms that ease everyday shopping, with new tastes and innovations – on product and services level.

AB Vassilopoulos is celebrating 80 years dedicated to inspiring and sharing the joy to offer the best in its own big family; its customers, suppliers, associates and Greek society.

Dedicating our 80 years to you | 80 years dedicated to you.