Corporate reorganizational changes within MYTILINEOS

The transformation of MYTILINEOS in 2017, where the holding structure was abolished through the merger of its major operating subsidiaries and the creation of a unified and strong company has been a major corporate milestone. The benefits are still vivid today to all stakeholders, including employees, business partners, equity & bond holders and many more. 

However, the success of a company lies in its ability to identify the international business trends and adopt where applicable the best international practices, within the framework of its competitive advantages. Under this prism, the Board of Directors of MYTILINEOS approved on 4.2.2020 the proposals of the Chairman and CEO of the company Evangelos Mytilineos as follows: 

A. In view of the upcoming completion of the full acquisition of its subsidiary METKA EGN and already being established as one of the largest Solar PV and energy storage developers worldwide, a new business uni (BU), International Renewables and Storage Development (RSD) is created, under the leadership of Nikos Papapetrou as General Manager. This new BU is expected to become a strong pillar of growth while providing inherent synergies for the Company. 

B. In line with international best practices and the ongoing developments in the Greek Energy sector, the Gas Trading BU is being integrated with the Electric Power BU, in line with the reporting treatment as a sole BU in the Company’s annual accounts. Dinos Benroubi will be the General Manager of the Consolidated Power and Gas BU, while Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, former Gas Trading BU General Manager, assumes the position of Deputy General Manager responsible for Natural Gas issues. 

C. With sustainability increasingly evolving from a peripheral activity into a key element of the Company’s operational strategy, the existing Investor Relations and Corporate Governance central function is redesignated as Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development, under the leadership of Dimitris Papadopoulos as General Manager. This newly redesigned central function will aim to become a “center of excellence” for MYTILINEOS in ensuring sustainable development initiatives are  implemented across all business lines and that corporate strategy is aligned with the company’s sustainability goals. 

In addition to the above, the following changes have also been approved:
  • Evangelos Chrysafis, Executive Vice President of the Company’s Board of
  • Directors, assumes from his position enhanced duties for regulatory and corporate strategic issues related to the Energy sector.
  • Petros Selekos, assumes the role of General Manager for Legal and Regulatory Affairs.
  • The existing Investor Relations central function will report to the Chief Financial Officer, Ioannis Kalafatas. 
  • The Communication and Marketing Strategy central function is being upgraded with Vivian Bouzali as General Manager. The above changes will be effective from Monday, February 10, 2020.

MYTILINEOS S.A. is a leading Greek industry active in Metallurgy, Power & Gas and EPC & Infrastructure Projects. Established in Greece in 1990, the company is listed on the Athens Exchange, has a consolidated turnover in excess of €1.5 billion and employs directly or indirectly more than 3,380 people in Greece and abroad. For more details, please visit: | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn