Eurobank donates healthcare equipment and material

To support the Public Health System in the midst of the COVID–19 pandemic

Press Release

Eurobank in line with the national effort, to cope with the pandemic crisis and actively support the Greek Public Health System in the battle against COVID–19, consulted with the Greek Ministry of Health and EKAPY, the National General Authority for Health Supplies, to offer healthcare equipment and material, under the instructions of the Authorities.

To this end, it proceeds with the purchase of priority material such as:
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bedside monitors,
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds,
  • Infusion pumps,
  • Protective garments and FPP2 masks for doctors and nurses.

In coordination with the Greek Ministry of Health, the equipment and material offered aim to enhance Greek hospitals and the protection of medical personnel and cover the, extended, needs of the Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Eurobank, fully aware of the critical circumstances Greece and its citizens are facing, will actively support the State’s effort and will contribute, with all available means, to support the Authorities in coping, as smoothly as possible, with this great challenge for public health and society.

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Image Source: Cancer Institute