OTE Group donates €2 million in support of Greek hospitals

– For the procurement of respirators, ICU beds and other medical equipment
– All of OTE Group initiatives in support of society and COSMOTE subscribers, available at www.cosmote.gr/apotospiti

OTE Group offers €2 million in order to provide Greek hospitals with respirators, ICU beds and other medical equipment, based on the needs outlined by the Ministry of Health, in support of the national effort to confront the health crisis caused by the new coronavirus.

OTE Group proceeds to the immediate delivery of 25 respirators, costing €255,000, and a major effort is under way to purchase additional respirators and dozens of fully equipped beds for the Intensive Care Units of Greek reference hospitals. At the same time, in consultation with the coordinating department of the Ministry of Health, it will also proceed to the purchase of other medical equipment, based on hospital needs. OTE Group’s total donation will amount to €2 million.

“At this difficult time, we all stand together. Joining forces, we can win this battle for our country. We hope that the donation of medical equipment will help in the titanic undertaking of our hospitals, of the doctors and nurses fighting selflessly every day to care for our fellow citizens”, OTE Group Chairman and CEO, Mr. Michael Tsamaz, stated.
OTE Group has taken a number of initiatives and measures in order to protect its people, safeguard telecommunication infrastructure and services, as well as provide its subscribers with digital services and tools addressing their increased needs for communication, connectivity, entertainment and work from home.

80% of people working at OTE Group – more than 13,000 employees – have already been working remotely for over two weeks now. At the same time, OTE Group’s people at the front lines are ensuring that citizens, businesses and organizations have seamless access to communication.

All of OTE Group initiatives in support of society and COSMOTE subscribers -for as long as the battle against the pandemic lasts- are being posted on www.cosmote.gr/apotospiti

Photo source: unsplash.com