RSM Talks #3: Leading through change: Life after COVID-19

As the business landscape becomes increasingly uncertain, we remain committed to helping our clients, who find themselves in many cases, navigating uncharted territory. 

We have created a dedicated learning and insight space called Leading through Change, as a place for you, as business leaders, to discover practical guidance that will assist you in delivering leadership through disruption, change or transformation.

As part of this brand new insight series we are sharing with you RSM Talks from RSM’s own senior leaders, executive coaches and keynote speakers!

The third RSM Talk and accompanying article is from Graeme Codrington, CEO of TomorrowToday global. Graeme is a futurist, and in his talk, “Life after Covid-19 – Setting yourself up for success” he shares insights on: what does the covid-19 disruption itself look like, what does the world look like after covid-19 and what can you actually do about it.

We value our relationship with you, and will be staying in touch with you as this situation evolves.

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Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter