The creative note of impressme – your brand grand for EDEM!

EDEM has been the official Music Works Rightholders Collective Management – Organization since June 2020.

Ms. Louka Katseli is the General Manager of the Management Team is, while the Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mr. Foivos Delivorias.

Music Works Rightholders Collective Management – Organization – EDEM has been created to protect the copyrights of creators, who have always been fragile but now, more than ever, find themselves in an even more vulnerable position due to the pandemic and its measures.

As a result to the needs above, came the creative collaboration with impressme – your brand grand, which started with the logo. The logo was created with the fruity power of the cherry and gave a happy note, full of color and optimism, to an organization that represents the living power of music in our lives.

The targeted full with rhythm tagline “GET THE MUSIC RIGHT” was an idea of Mr. Foivos Delivorias.

impressme – your brand grand “got the music right”!

The company designed the whole new corporate identity, with a lot of color in minimal lines, applying it first to the stationery system,  brochures and stickers, as well as for the creation of promo landing page and google campaign banners, for the announcement of the collaboration of EDEM with the Central Union of Chambers of Greece.

The design radiates brightness and dynamism, expressing ideally the core philosophy of EDEM, which supports the rights of creators with positive energy, art and passion.

In addition, our team created the transitional website of the organization   a necessary tool for its smooth operation. 

At the same time, in this phase we design and implement the final form that will express and will absolutely highlight the whole garden of Paradise that EDEM brings within, creating the most fertile fruits.

Alongside, in the context of the unprecedented phase of the pandemic, EDEM launched the SUPPORT GREEK MUSIC initiative, an independent umbrella of miscellaneous actions that aims at the substantial and practical support of the creators, e.g. by setting up a support fund.

Our team has created, in color relation with the primary logo of EDEM, the SUPPORT GREEK MUSIC logo, which conveys the message of support loudly, with a special sense of optimism. A logo that is distinguished by intense musicality, since it was designed to be “heard”!

It’ s especially important for impressme, in times like these, to become one team with the most creative people, contributing with its own way, to their voice being heard, further and louder!

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Article and photo source: Press Release