NIVEA producer Beiersdorf steps up its international support program to a 50 million Euro pledge

NIVEA producer Beiersdorf steps up its international support program to a 50 million Euro pledge

Beiersdorf AG announced today an immediate 50 million Euro international funding program to support communities in their fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Stefan De Loecker, Beiersdorf Chief Executive: “Merely two months have passed since our first donation reached Wuhan. COVID-19 has since then turned into a global crisis. We are all in this together. As a company we want to focus our contribution on several especially vulnerable groups in our societies, to support them and to help to protect them.”

Beiersdorf Group is, therefore, allocating 50 million Euro to aid crisis management especially in epicenters of the disease as well as for regions with weak public health systems. It will team up with international organizations as well as local authorities to bring the support to the people in need.

Among the immediate measures are:

  • Donation of 1,000,000 liters of disinfectant. Beiersdorf has activated factories on five continents to produce disinfectants. As a result, we are doubling our pledge made two weeks ago.
  • Donation of at least 5,000,000 NIVEA skin- and hand-care products to medical personnel around the world whose skin is currently particularly strained.
  • Direct financial support for NGOs, both international organizations as well as local partners of the Beiersdorf Group that are currently facing severe challenges of their own.
  • As Beiersdorf employees are coming together to support local communities, Beiersdorf commits to double any employees’ personal donations.

Stefan De Loecker further: “This is a historical crisis of exceptional magnitude. We are convinced that combatting COVID-19 requires significantly more effort, togetherness and collaboration. We call our program ‘Care Beyond Skin’. It expresses our commitment to reach beyond our core business – taking care of people’s skin – to maximize our contribution.”

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