COSMOTE: new eco friendly corporate vehicles

COSMOTE started renewing its corporate vehicle fleet at the beginning of 2021 with reduced fuel-consumption car models. In total, more than 300 company vehicles will be replaced with models with Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) technology. In parallel a corresponding corporate charging network at the OTE Group’s facilities has been designed and created, so that all vehicles can be charged. There is also provision with additional parking spaces for vehicle charging for the visitors of the Group facilities.

The goal is to create an eco-friendly fleet of vehicles, with the capacity for battery charging on a daily basis. The OTE Group has committed to achieving a zero-carbon footprint from energy-consumption emissions by 2025 and from the entire value chain by 2040.

“In order to achieve a zero carbon footprint from our operations by 2025, we are reviewing and adapting every aspect of our business, based on the OTE Group’s sustainable development strategy. By utilising new technology vehicles, we can significantly improve our environmental footprint and meet our goals as a response to the climate crisis. The replacement of company vehicles and the creation of a corresponding charging network is an important step towards creating a more sustainable world, a better world for all.” said George Athanasopoulos, OTE Group Chief Information Officer.

The entire energy consumption of hybrid plug-in vehicles from the corporate charging network will be covered by guarantees of origin of electricity from renewable energy sources, as is the case with all of the OTE Group’s operations. For better use and performance of hybrid company vehicles, the OTE Group enables drivers of new cars to attend educational seminars on how to drive them effectively.

By replacing the company vehicle fleet and creating one of the largest company vehicle charging networks in the country, the OTE Group is contributing to environmental protection in the context of the sustainable development strategy. The key sustainability priorities of the OTE Group are the improvement of its environmental and social footprint, as well as the equal access for all citizens to the digital world.