OTE: 20 years of COSMOTE Scholarships Program

  • 30 scholarships for first-year university students
  • Applications at www.cosmote-scholarships.gr
  • Additional criterion for candidates whose families were affected by the wildfires this year
  • 724 university students have received €6.5 million in scholarships during the program’s 20 years
  • Internships for 20 scholarship students at the OTE Group
The platform for applications to the COSMOTE Scholarship Program, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is open until the 8th October 2021. The COSMOTE Scholarship Program supports first-year university students with economic and social difficulties. This is COSMOTE’s longest-running social action for sustainable development. To date 724 university students have received €6.5 million so that they can complete their studies and realise their dreams.

“The scholarships program is our investment, the last 20 years, into young people – the future of our homeland. Every time I meet our scholars, I am touched by their lives in a personal as well as in an academic level. Young people pursuing their dreams, overcoming every difficulty that gets into their way. This year in particular, the challenges were greater than ever. Their positive attitude, passion, values and hard work are examples for all of us. Equal access to knowledge and technology is a sustainable development priority for COSMOTE, for a better world for all,” said Michael Tsamaz, President and CEO of the OTE Group.

The COSMOTE Scholarship Program will grant this year 30 scholarships: 29 for specific university departments and the “Zacharias Piperidis” scholarship for first-year students in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering departments of Greek technical universities, in memory of the distinguished OTE Group executive.

The scholarships for four-year university studies amount to €15,000,¹ while scholarships for five-year university studies amount to €18,750, while the Zacharias Piperidis scholarship is €25,000. Additionally, for their daily telecommunication needs during their studies, COSMOTE offers all scholars a laptop and a complete package of telecommunication services, including fixed line, mobile, internet and COSMOTE TV.

More information, terms of participation and applications are available on the Scholarships webpage.

This year in particular, due to the catastrophic wildfires that hit the country, a new criterion has been added for evaluating candidates, taking into account whether families were affected by the fires.

To highlight the 20th anniversary of the COSMOTE Scholarship Program, 20 scholars will be able to gain hands-on experience at the OTE Group’s modern and dynamic work environment. These internships are designed for COSMOTE scholars who are still receiving annual financial support and are already in their second year of studies.

More information and terms of participation are available on the COSMOTE Scholarships website.

With a vision of a better world for all through technology, COSMOTE is undertaking initiatives to strengthen its social and environmental footprint and to ensure equal access for all citizens to the digital world. In 2020, the company’s social contribution came to €5.1 million. More information is available in the OTE Group 2020 Sustainability Report.

Article Source: Website Newsroom