TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas: «No Food Waste»

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas continues to promote the sustainable future and, following its participation in the Alliance against Food Waste, it presents the Private Certification Scheme “No Food Waste”, in collaboration with the non-profit organization “BOROUME”, which concerns the monitoring and evaluation of the food waste levels of an Organization that arises or may occur in it.

The pioneering service, addressed to all organizations in the food management chain, highlights the responsibility, social consciousness and sensitivity, as well as the business ethics that govern each Organization, which defines and acts on the development of constantly evaluated methods of food management and utilization, aiming at the reduction and minimization of food waste, at all stages of its operation.

More specifically, on the occasion of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste and focusing on Social Corporate Responsibility, TÜV Austria Hellas takes action and demonstrates in practice its commitment to preventing and eliminating practices that are harmful to the environment and humans. With the innovative scheme “No Food Waste”, it addresses the entire length of the food chain and takes actions to save natural and economic resources and ensure business continuity and a positive environmental sign.

It is noted that the Private Scheme “No Food Waste” was developed in collaboration with the non-profit organization “BOROUME” which has been fighting against food waste over the years. Food waste is a global issue with an ever-increasing position in the priorities of states. The Scheme contributes directly and indirectly to the confrontation of this global phenomenon with multiple impacts on the environment, on living, on the continuation of entrepreneurship and consequently on the economy. Prevention, improved food waste measurement, residue utilisation and voluntary agreements offer more potential to accelerate progress towards achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal of a 50% reduction in food waste generated by 2030.

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS identifies the challenges of tomorrow in a timely manner and is activated to deal with them effectively and in a coordinated manner today. It educates businesses, organizations and consumers and continues its work of responsibility, providing reliability solutions, upgrading domestic business and ensuring future generations a more sustainable future.

Article Source: Website Newsroom