GENERATION Y: Signs the design of the Acropolis Museum’s website

Seeking to open new ways of communication with the public, the Acropolis Museum significantly upgraded its digital presence, entrusting Generation Y – International eBusiness Hub to take over the design of its new website, which was implemented under the program “Creation of a Digital Acropolis Museum”.

Incorporating some of the most modern digital tools and inspired by the unique aesthetics of the Acropolis Museum itself, Generation Y provided a custom-made approach, as well as conducted a complete market research, study, and UI/UX analysis, offering the absolute digital implementation of an exquisite visual concept.

The design of the website has been completed in such a way that the visitor can easily and quickly find the information needed, while the final result, in terms of visual design, is a flawless digital transformation of the Acropolis Museum visit. 

Bearing the great responsibility of the visualization of Greek heritage, represents the impeccable digital transformation of the Acropolis Museum experience.