Safer Internet Day: COSMOTE co-ordinates actions for safer use of mobile services by underage users

  • COSMOTE parental control services
  • COSMOTE supports the Greek Safer Internet Awareness Node

COSMOTE acknowledges that, within the rapidly-developing technological environment of mobile telephony and interactive media, prevention and information are the means to ensure the proper use ofmobile services by children and young teenagers. As a responsible social partner, COSMOTE has developed relevant services as well as a series of actions and initiatives towards this direction. More specifically:

Parental Control Services
COSMOTE has developed a series of easy to use parental control mobile services, giving parents the possibility to control their children's access to adult services. In particular:

  • Through i-mode: the categories a) Erotic and b) Chat & Date are addressed exclusively to adult users that consent to the terms of use of these services. The parents have the option to "lock"1 access to this content either through the service itself or by calling Customer Services at 1212 or 1313.
  • Through WAP: the categories Erotic Zone and Chat in the Entertainment menu are also exclusively addressed to adult users that consent to the terms of use of these services. The parents have the option to "lock" access to this content. In the case of Erotic zone, this is possible through the service itself or by calling Customer Services at 1212 or1313. In the case of Chat, access locking is available only through a call to Customer Services.
  • Parents can also control their children's calls to value added numbers. COSMOTE provides free call barring to value added numbers for ten-digit numbers starting with 901 and 909 (adult numbers). By calling COSMOTE Customer Services at 1212, 1313 or 1200 subscribers can block calls to
    • All 901 numbers
    • All 909 numbers
    • All 901 & 909 numbers
  • The company has developed the "Bad Words list" system, applied at the COSMOTE Chat service through WAP/SMS. This system excludes the use of inappropriate words in the Chat Room, and the company reserves the right to ban users that violate basic rules from the Chat.

1Barring is applied automatically on both services once activated. The service will be available from February 20, 2008.

Co-operation with the Greek Safer Internet Awareness Node
COSMOTE consistent to the corporate philosophy to cooperate with acknowledged International and National Organisations, as well as to take part in Corporate Social Responsibility and Safe Mobile Telephony use initiatives, supports the Greek Safer Internet Awareness Node as a Golden Sponsor. This co-operation aims to support the organisation's awareness campaign for a Safer Internet use by children, by offering financial support as well as transferring specialised information on safe technology and Internet use to COSMOTE customers/subscribers.

Self Regulation Initiatives
In co-operation with the other mobile operators in Greece, COSMOTE has actively contributed to the development of a "Common Code of Ethics Relating to Mobile Telephony Value-Added Services and the Protection of Minors". The goal of this self regulation initiative is to ensure a common level ofprotection for underage users.

COSMOTE actively participated in the negotiations in Brussels under the aegis of the European Commission for the "European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children". COSMOTE was the first Greek company to sign the Framework in February 2007, among another 15 European mobile operators and content providers.