Pilot Photovoltaic System at AB store in Elliniko

AB in collaboration with Solar Hellas inaugurated a pilot photovoltaic station in its store in Elliniko, on Vouliagmeni Avenue. AB installed a photovoltaic station of a surface of 300m2 on the store?s terrace. The photovoltaic station of a force of 20kw is connected directly with the network of the National Electrical Company (Δ.Ε.Η)

System?s produced energy -without losses during its transportation- is bought by (ΔEΣMΗE) Network.  The station has annual output of 29,000 KWh with no carbon dioxide emission. Otherwise, that particular production of electricity would overload the atmosphere with 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

This experiment is still in testing, if effective, it will be extended wherever it?s feasible. Shortly, a second pilot Station in Ethniki store will be installed in order to offer more completed conclusions.
The production of electric power from the sun is always preferential. Photovoltaics don?t need the heat but the light of solar radiation and that means that they have the possibility to produce 5-20% of wattage even in  cloudy weather. Moreover, they are quiet, they offer null pollution, they require minimal maintenance and they have high life expectancy.
This photovoltaics? station is the second biggest environmental initiative of AB, after the 2003 Individual System of Alternative Packaging Management and the placement of Recycling centers in many AB stores.