In Molise energy gets even greener: Wind farms at Acquaspruzza2 and Monterosso enter into service

  • New wind power generated at Frosolone, Macchiagodena (Isernia) and Civitacampomarano (Campobasso) is able to meet the annual energy demand of some 38,500 households, thus avoiding the atmospheric emission of 78,000 tonnes of CO2

  • Enel Green Power continues to pursue its commitment to developing wind power: with the start of operations at these plants, the company is increasing its installed capacity from this source in Italy by 21% since 2007

Rome, Italy — Enel Green Power's plants at Acquaspruzza 2 and Monterosso in Molise have entered service. The first plant, located in an area between the municipalities of Frosolone and Macchiagodena, is the largest one constructed  by the Enel Group in 2008, while the second plant is located in Civitacampomarano, in the Province of Campobasso.

The new plants comprise 42 wind towers, with a total installed capacity of 39 MW. The output is expected to total some 88 million kWh a year. The new plants join in the region those installed at the Frosolone 1 facility, which was renovated in 2006.

The three plants include a total of 50 wind generators, with a capacity of about 46 MW, which will generate 105 million kWh a year once fully on line. This will be sufficient to meet the annual consumption of 38,500 households — more than the overall population of Isernia and over two thirds of the inhabitants of Campobasso — and avoid the emission of 78,000 metric tonnes of CO2, the greenhouse gas identified as one of the prime causes of climate change.

With these start-ups, the sixth of wind farm launches in 2008, Enel Green Power has increased its installed wind capacity by nearly 21% compared with 2007, thus bringing the total in Italy to 381 MW, while it has 677 megawatts installed abroad.

Enel thus continues its development of renewable energy generation, with the establishment one month ago of Enel Green Power as the Group's new company incorporating all of Enel's operations in wind, solar, geothermal and run-of-the-river generation in Italy and abroad, with a total of some 4,300 MW of installed capacity.

Enel Green Power was created to leverage activities in the renewables sector and expand Enel's presence in this field, with the aim of doubling total installed capacity in the coming years.