COSMOTE supports Volunteer Movement

Based on the great appeal of the volunteer programme which was organised by the City of Athens during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and was supported by COSMOTE, the company is supporting the new ambitious volunteer programme that the City is launching, entitled “I participate”, thus taking one more step to contributing to the creation of a new movement in the city and in the entire country.

The programme “I participate” for the Volunteers of Athens, is not a seasonal initiative. It is a social institution that aims to establish deep roots, to activate the reflexes of solidarity, aiming to change outlooks and practices, to “break” the habits of alienation and isolation.

Based on a successful track record, which is established by undertaking substantial projects benefiting society, COSMOTE gives emphasis to matters of social and environmental concern, acknowledging that the Company’s development is directly related to the development and the benefit of society.

Through the implementation its Social Responsibility Programme entitled “Participation”, COSMOTE executes all of its socially-responsible activities and further involvement in related projects/organisations for the advancement of social responsibility, with consistency and dedication. With the aim to contribute to the development of Greek society and the protection of the environment, it gives emphasis to social responsibility with the implementation of major projects in the fields of childcare, preventative medicine and special social groups, focusing on education, volunteering, and the environment.

For all of us at COSMOTE, the programme “Participation” in society is something more than just a thought or a wish. It is a fundamental company value. It is a way of life. It is concrete commitment that drives and will continue to set the course for our choices.

COSMOTE invites everyone to participate in the programme “I participate” Volunteers of Athens. COSMOTE invites you to also become a hero in your City.

It is better to participate!

It is better to support becoming a volunteer!