EuroCharity becomes data partner for GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

EuroCharity, the reference point for CSR and the green economy, will serve as a Data Partner for GRI in Greece. Both GRI and EuroCharity will work closely together on identifying companies operating in Greece that publish CSR and sustainability reports based on the GRI G3 Guidelines.

In addition, with the aim of contributing to GRI's vision where disclosure on economic, environmental and social performance become as commonplace and comparable as financial reporting, and as important to organisational success, EuroCharity will pro-actively support GRI's Readers' Choice Awards. These awards include both reports that have been prepared using
the G3 Guidelines as well as non-GRI reports. GRI and its partners developed the GRI Readers' Choice Awards concept as a way to capture the preferences of readers and thereby help improve the value of reporting for all.

Commenting on this important new partnership, Mr. Peter Michel Heilmann, President, EuroCharity, commented: "EuroCharity shares GRI's mission of creating conditions for the transparent and reliable exchange of sustainability information through the development and continuous improvement of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework. Over the past three and a half years, EuroCharity has gathered and published information on CSR and sustainabiltiy reports released by numerous Greek and multinational corporations. This intelligence gathering and wealth of information that we have put into a database and made available on-line is now being shared with GRI’s global Secretariat in The Netherlands. Our new relationship therefore adds great value to both GRI and EuroCharity's members and stakeholders. At the same time, we are glad to start pro-actively promoting the GRI Readers' Choice Awards concept, as a way to capture the preferences of readers and thereby help improve the value of reporting for all."

Ms. Marjella Alma, Project Manager, GRI, said: "We are grateful to EuroCharity for partnering with us to provide information on Greek sustainability reports. As a global action network it is vital that GRI establishes such partnerships with organizations around the world, therefore we view this partnership with importance."