EuroCharity's third Yearbook entitled 'It's a matter of Culture…' in the making, scheduled to be released in Q2 2010

Each company has its own unique, distinct corporate culture, which forms an important part of the organisation, while at the same time playing a significant role in the economic, social and corporate sustainability of the firm.

Corporate culture consists of all the different elements that make each company different. It can make or break a firm. It is this uniqueness that EuroCharity wishes to highlight in its new album entitled "EuroCharity Yearbook 2009 – It's a matter of Corporate Culture…" (in Greek).

By showcasing examples of best practice and publishing success stories, messages and viewpoints, EuroCharity aims at timely informing a wide range of stakeholders of this complex theme. EuroCharity therefore encourages all companies and organisations — regardless of size or sector of operations — to participate in this new publication and share their corporate culture, best practices and related matters in a targeted, original way.

Scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2010, the third EuroCharity Yearbook will publish, among others, messages written by distinguished individuals as well as political and corporate leaders, expert articles by professionals in the respective field, opinions of NGO and press representatives, case studies, success stories, etc.

EuroCharity has to date released two Yearbooks, which have been very well received and successfully launched in 2008 and 2009, in which some of the leading multinationals and Greek companies were dynamically presented and which were supported by renowned political, business, scientific, media and NGO leaders from Greece and overseas.

For further information on how to participate in the forthcoming EuroCharity Yearbook, please contact Ms. Maria Kimina on +30 210 747 5845-8 or at