Eurobank EFG wins EMAS 2009 for Greece

Eurobank EFG won the national award EMAS 2009 (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) for Greece, in the European EMAS Awards, organised each year by the European Commission. The aim of this institution is to highlight and reward European companies that follow advanced environmental policies.

The competition theme for 2009 was the Supply Chain including Green Procurement. Specifically, it examined the practices applied by businesses on the management of the policy and “green” profile of their procurement and their overall relationships with their suppliers, to meet international standards on green policies.

The award ceremony took place on Thursday, November 19, in Stockholm.

32 companies from 12 European Union countries participated in the competition. These companies had been qualified by the relevant official bodies of the countries in the national competitions that preceded the European. The choice of Eurobank to represent Greece was made by the Ministry of Environment.

Eurobank won the National Award in the category of large organisations.

We note that the EMAS is currently the highest distinction in environmental management a European organisation can obtain. Eurobank is the only Greek bank registered in the European Register of Businesses applying the EMAS Regulation, while it is worth noting that, in our country, 69 enterprises EMAS certified in all sectors.