Piraeus Bank public proposal citizens E-Payments to the State

In the framework of the conference http://labs.opengov.gr/ held on Thursday, March 4 in the crowded amphitheater of the National Research Foundation, the E-Governance Group of Piraeus Bank E-Banking Division presented its integrated proposal for "E-payments at KEP (Citizens Service Centres), at eKEP and 'ERMIS' portal establishing at the same time the electronic fee."

Piraeus Bank submitted the proposal in question, already one of the most popular one of the consultation procedure receiving many positive comments. In the context of the presentation, reference was made to the proposal's content including specific actions for electronic payments at KEP and ERMIS portal through multiple servicing channels and to the study findings on fees and their replacement with eFees, conducted on the Bank's account by Athens University of Economics- E-Commerce Laboratory (ELTRUN).

As Mr. Sotiris Syrmakezis, Piraeus Bank Deputy General Manager, stated: "Adopting this proposal will yield significant benefits both for the Public Sector and citizens. Dramatic cost cutting, public sector productivity increase, lower environmental burden and improvement of already offered e-governance services to be completed by integrating e-payments constitute some improvement areas for the Public sector. Direct servicing 24 hours/day, saving time and displacement, transactions safety, lower charges and access to services by citizens with special abilities are included amongst the positive points for citizens."

The presentation was concluded with a proposal by Piraeus Bank to undertake a specific pilot project, with no cost for the State, in order to display the proposal's immediate feasibility and highlight its benefits, allowing at the same time the final determination of standards for further expansion of electronic payments in the Public sector.