E-banking reduces our ecological footprint!

Banking transactions require the consumption of large quantities of paper. In turn, the production of paper requires many trees, the principal raw material, as well as large amounts of water and energy. In other words, paper production has a significant environmental impact.

On the other hand, e-banking and electronic transactions via alternative channels lead to the reduction of paper use, hence the reduction of our ecological footprint.

The reduction of the ecological footprint is recorded on the "winbank green counter" that appears in several service channels. This counter depicts the number of trees not felled and the energy and water saved with our electronic transactions.

With an average total of 20,000,000 electronic transactions, conducted by all of us annually, Piraeus Bank saves 90,000 kg of paper. This means that 2,000 trees are not felled; 3,500,000 liters of water and 450,000 KWh of energy are not consumed for the production of the paper. Additionally, by saving energy we avoid emitting 90,000 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

With our daily practices, such as conducting electronic transactions through ATMs, easypay machines, winbank, www.easypay.gr and phone banking services, we contribute to the global effort of protecting the environment.