Piraeus Bank launches operation of its GREENbanking branch in Athens

On February 25, 2008, Piraeus Bank launched the operation of the GREENbanking branch, in Athens. GREENbanking is the first green bank branch in Greece and the Balkans. It's another green business initiative of Piraeus Bank. The operation of the new branch is an integral part of Piraeus Bank's environmental policy as this is materialised through its Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.

The GREENbanking branch comes at a time where banks and other financial institutions throughout the world are investing in new technologies and services to tackle climate change, most likely the biggest challenge facing humanity today. In response to this global call, Piraeus Bank is adapting to the new environmental and economic milieu by minimising its ecological footprint and transferring expertise to other concerned stakeholders.

The purpose of the green branch is to promote, both to customers and the broader public, the opportunities provided by Piraeus Bank for investments in clean technologies and new services that are also beneficial to the environment. Specifically, visitors to the GREENbanking branch may:

  • become acquainted with the environmental policy of Piraeus Bank and how it's being materialised
  • learn what the Ecological Footprint of accompany is, how this affects the environment and society and what benefits emanate from its reduction
  • be informed of how climate change can be a risk to businesses and how this risk can be successfully addressed
  • find out about the European Union's environmental policies, the trends, the obligations, and the new opportunities to invest in renewable energy and clean technologies
  • learn how they may benefit from reducing energy consumption or by building according to bioclimatic principles
  • benefit from the green products Piraeus Bank has designed and offers and discover how these products help society in general.

No regular banking transactions will be taking place at the GREENbanking branch. Customers wishing to apply for a green product or service will be serviced at their local branches, after receiving information and completing the initial paperwork at GREENbanking.

The new branch-information point is an innovative approach in communicating Piraeus Bank's commitment to environmental policies. Mrs. Eleni Pipitsouli and Mr. Prokopis Gavriil, on behalf of the Environmental Department of Piraeus Bank have undertaken the task of running the green branch.

The GREENbanking branch is located at 18, Panepistimiou Street in central Athens, is opened during banking hours and can be reached on +30 210 373 9035.