Full marks to Enel's Sustainability Report

For the fourth consecutive year, the Sustainability Report of the Group headed by Fulvio Conti receives the highest mark (A+) from the Global Reporting Initiative

Rome, Italy — Enel's Sustainability Report once again received the highest mark of A+ for conforming to and applying the guidelines drawn up by the Global Reporting Initiative. This is the fourth consecutive year that Enel has been awarded for its commitment to reporting on its corporate responsibility in line with rigorous international standards.

The GRI is the most accredited standard for economic, environmental and social sustainability adopted by the most important companies throughout the world. Enel first adopted the GRI-G3 guidelines back in 2006 while drawing up its Sustainability Report in preparation for its admission to the relevant indices. The GRI is a network of thousands of experts who have introduced the most advanced and strictest sustainability reporting standards in the world.

"Our Sustainability Report," said Enel CEO Fulvio Conti, "is an important reference tool that is recognised on a global scale for its credibility. With over 450 indicators, it measures Enel's constant commitment to corporate responsibility within the 23 countries in which it operates."

For the power sector (the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity), GRI has established the EUSS (Electric Utilities Sector Supplement) indicators, which capture the unique features of that business and the key aspects of sustainability performance.

Enel has played an active role within the GRI in the conception, discussion and approval of these sector indicators in order to make corporate communication with relevant stakeholders more transparent and more accurate, also in the years to come. After the experimental phase of reporting the EUSS in its 2008 Sustainability Report, beginning this year Enel will report the EUSS indicators and integrate them within the Sustainability Report.

Enel's 2009 Sustainability Report is available on-line at www.enel.com/en-GB/sustainability.