Piraeus Bank on the development of 'green economy' at the 74th Thessaloniki International Fair

Consistent with its dynamic presence in the largest trade fair of Thessaloniki, an institution for the city itself, Northern Greece and the wider Balkan area, Piraeus Bank participates for eighth (8th) consecutive year in Thessaloniki International Fair to be held at HELEXPO, the International Exhibition Centre, between September 5-13, 2009.

At the 74th Thessaloniki International Fair, with its new multi-sectorial structure, as a multi-exhibition and multi-conference and with numerous parallel cultural events, Piraeus Bank opted to participate with a fully organized exhibition space, focusing on its environmental policy, as implemented through the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and Green Enterpreneurship, expressed by the Bank's commitment to finance environment friendly investments.

Piraeus Bank stand will be housed in the special Promotion Area 26, highlighting the European program GREENbanking4Life results on its environmental fingerprint reduction, green enterpreneurship and the "green" banking products and services designed by the Bank for private individuals and enterprises, practically confirming, thus, its declared commitment to the 'green' economy growth in Greece and the Balkans.

Piraeus Bank, as a responsible and dynamic enterprise, responds to this big global chanllenge of combating climate change, constantly adapts to the new situation, improves its environmental performance, elaborates initiatives and carries over to third parties the know-how it acquires.