EuroCharity calls for submission of NGO project proposals

Athens, Greece — EuroCharity commenced its annual call for project funding by Non-Governmental Organisations that are either NGO Premium or NGO Free members.

As part of its values, EuroCharity donates 25% of its paid annual membership fees at the end of each fiscal year in order to help fund specific not-for-profit project proposals submitted by EuroCharity’s non-corporate members.

A transparent process involving an on-line voting poll, the annual A.S.B.I. (Awareness & Social Behaviour Index) Social Barometre, and a five-member NGO Project Funding Committee decides which projects are eventually chosen for funding.

The first stage started on September 8 and will end on October 8, 2010 with the submission of proposals.

During the second stage, which will commence on October 18 and end on November 19, 2010, the on-line voting poll will take place (in Greek) at

The final stage will take place in December of this year, when the EuroCharity committee will convene.

The winning projects will receive funding from EuroCharity at the end of this year as well as one year of publicity throughout 2011 through the and portals.

For further information, please visit: Annual NGO Funding: part of EuroCharity’s values.