Hellenic Petroleum Group relocates headquarters to Maroussi

The Société Anonyme trading as “HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.”, with Registration Number 094049864, informs its investors, customers and associates, as approved by decision of the Shareholders Annual Ordinary General Meeting of June, 6, 2010, for the relocation of the Company’s registered address and the amendment to article 2(1) of its Articles of Association, and the Hellenic Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping approved said change by means of decision K2-6685/7.7.2010 and registered it in the Registry of Société Anonymes.

The Company’s new registered address has changed to: 8A, Chimarras Street, GR-151 25 Maroussi (tel.: +30 210 6302000, fax: +30 210 630 2510 & +30 210 630 2511, www.hellenic-petroleum.gr, www.helpe.gr).